1. Mystim Pubic Enemy No 2 E-Stim Cock Cage with Urethral Sound

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      1. Mystim Pubic Enemy No 2 E-Stim Cock Cage with Urethral Sound

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      Brace! How long can you go? Don't know? Check the padlock yo. To abstain, a cage that's credible. Electrifying, and thrillable

      Wee, Pubic Enemy number 2, Big-O, yes please! But not for you. Try e-stim and cock cage to break the taboo. Let your Dom lock you up for more than an 'oooh'.

      Experience the intense excitement and prolonged punishment of chastity, now with the added bonus of electrical pulses tormenting and teasing you throughout wear. Yeeeaaahhh booooyyyy!

      Pubic Enemy No 2 (lolz) is a plastic and silicone cock cage that can be used with or without e-stim for versatile chastity play. With its 3.5 inch transparent cage and a ball clasp that adjusts between 1.4 - 2.25 inches across, it provides compact chastisement for most men.

      Use alongside a Mystim power unit to really amp up your play session (literally). The cage features 3 removable conductive surfaces and a removable 3.8mm penis plug so you (or your Dom) can truly personalise sensation. With a dual-channel power unit like the Mystim Tension Lover you can stimulate every point simultaneously or, if you prefer, just use one channel to focus attention on your favourite spots.


      1 x cage for your VIP

      1 x ball clasp with 3 pins to keep it in place

      1 x attachment plate with positioning pin and shield holder to hold it together

      3 x spacers for a custom fit

      3 x removable conductive silicone surfaces for tailored external sensation

      1 x removable 3.8mm dilator for optional internal stimulation

      1 x 2mm cable to use with Mystim power pack

      5 x plastic locks with prisoner numbers for beginners cock cage fun

      1 x metal padlock with 2 keys for serious restraint

      10 x name shields for enhancing role play

      1 x hard travel case with zip for discreet storage and transport

      1 x 2ml 'Bonnie & Glide' sterile water-based lube for comfort and easy plug insertion

      1 x 2ml 'The Goldfather' conductive gel for increased sensation when using e-stim

      1 x thorough instruction manual for foolproof use

      Please note: Requires Mystim power unit for e-stim. As with all urethral sounding, the penis plug portion of this product should only ever be used with a sterile, water-based lubricant.

      Caracteristicas Principales:

      • Unique Pubic Enemy e-stim cock cage for sensational chastity play
      • DO Believe The Hype - unique sensations unlike any other for unparalleled satisfaction
      • DON'T Fight The Power - requires user-friendly power unit to operate e-stim
      • DOESN'T Bring The Noise - silent stimulation for discreet pleasure
      • Shut 'Em Down - includes solid zip case for safe storage and transport
      • Harder Than You Think - to stop yourself getting a boner
      • Yeeeaaah boyyyy!

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