THRUST Pro Mini Andi Super Ribbed Pocket Ass 205g

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16,95 €

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  • Realistic masturbator with ass-style entrance
  • Ultra-ribbed canal that gets better with every thrust
  • 5 inch internal length pleases both the head and shaft
  • Super-soft and squeezable material looks and feels so real
  • Open-ended and water resistant for quick clean-up after use

Start a sexy new chapter with Andi, a realistic butt with an extra-tight canal for stunning stimulation from start to finish. With ultra-undulating internal ribs plus a lifelike ass opening, Andi offers wonderful realism in a pocket-sized portable style.

Coat Andi's ass and canal in water-based lubricant for smooth and sensual thrusting, and take solo play up a notch by popping a bullet vibrator into the hole in Andi's base.

For couples, making Andi part of your playtime can make for exciting after-dark adventures. Your partner might enjoy watching you masturbate or they could take control by pleasuring you with the masturbator as they would with their hand.

  • Información esencial

    • Allergenos: Sin ftalatos
    • Resistente al agua: Sumergible
  • Medidas

    • Diámetro del canal: 0.5 inches
    • Circunferencia: 7 pulgadas
    • Longitud insertable: 5 pulgadas
    • Longitud interna: 5 pulgadas
    • Apertura: Female Butt
    • Longitud: 5.5 pulgadas
  • Sensaciones

    • Flexibilidad: Flácido
    • Material: Plástico blando

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